2.5t Extendable Jib

Introducing our 2.5-tonne Extendable Jib, the YSFMJ2.5—an affordable solution designed to excel in general lifting and maintenance tasks within smaller, confined spaces.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: This jib offers the flexibility you need for lifting and maintenance work in tight spaces.
  • Easy Installation: The jib effortlessly attaches to your fork tynes and is securely fastened using two heavy-duty adjustable bolts and a chain to the fork carriage.


  • Load Capacity: 2500kg
  • Max Extended Length: 1960mm
  • Retracted Length: 1300mm
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Load Centre: 790mm
  • Fork Pocket Size: 185 x 65mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres: 275mm

Safety First:

  • For added safety, the YSFMJ2.5 includes a safety swivel hook and shackle to ensure secure lifting operations.

Working Load Limit (WLL) per Position:

  • Position 1: Extension (790mm), WLL (2500kg)
  • Position 2: Extension (1200mm), WLL (1200kg)
  • Position 3: Extension (1580mm), WLL (900kg)
  • Position 4: Extension (1960mm), WLL (750kg)

Enhance your lifting capabilities with the 2.5-tonne Extendable Jib from Allied Forklifts. This versatile attachment is designed to maximize your efficiency while ensuring safety in all your lifting operations, even in the most confined spaces.