XEM-Mini Series Scissor Lift

Introducing the Mantall XEM-Mini Series Scissor Lift: Engineered to provide efficient and reliable solutions for elevated work across diverse applications. This scissor lift series features a range of standard and optional features designed to enhance usability, safety, and overall performance during operation.

Standard Features:

  • Charger Indicator for battery management.
  • Platform Self-locked door for controlled access.
  • Level indicator for accurate positioning.
  • Security overhaul rod enhances stability.
  • Emergency Lowering system for safety during power loss.
  • Emergency stop button for immediate halting.
  • Dual front wheel brake for controlled stopping.
  • Forklift pockets for convenient transport.
  • Non-mark brake tires protect surfaces.
  • Charge protection system for battery safety.

Optional Features:

  • Opt for AC power to the platform for added functionality.
  • Equip a buzzer for audible alerts during operation.
  • Enhance visibility with a flash light.

The Mantall XEM-Mini Series Scissor Lift offers a comprehensive solution for accessing elevated work areas safely and efficiently. With its standard and optional features, it is designed to cater to various operational needs while ensuring productivity, operator security, and overall performance.

Fuel Type: Lead-acid Battery