XE-Mini Series Scissor Lift

Introducing the Mantall XE-Mini Series Scissor Lift: Designed to provide efficient and reliable elevated work solutions for diverse applications. This scissor lift series boasts an array of standard and optional features, enhancing usability, safety, and performance during operation.

Standard Features:

  • Proportional controls for precise lift and drive functions.
  • Automatic 25Amp battery charger ensures powerful performance.
  • Safe distance protection during platform lowering (CE and AS standard) enhances safety.
  • Manual emergency platform lowering valve for power outage scenarios.
  • Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls for immediate halting.
  • Drive speed interlock restricts speed while elevated.
  • Multiple disc brakes ensure smooth deceleration.
  • Manual brake release function enables movement without power.
  • Pothole guards prevent tilting when moving on raised positions.
  • Non-marking tires protect surfaces from damage and marks.
  • AC wiring to platform enables powered tools and devices.
  • Tilt level sensor with audible alarm ensures stability.
  • Beeper horn provides audible alerts.
  • Hour meter tracks usage for maintenance scheduling.
  • Safety brackets enhance security during transport.
  • Battery charger indicator aids in battery management.
  • Forklift pockets for easy transport.
  • Diagnostic system aids in issue identification.
  • Extended platform provides additional workspace.

Optional Features:

  • Opt for a motion alarm for added safety during movement.
  • Equip a platform swing gate for controlled access.
  • Implement an airline to the platform for pneumatic tools.
  • Enhance visibility with dual flashing beacons.
  • Choose a maintenance-free battery for consistent performance.
  • Opt for a horn for audible communication.
  • Improve visibility with platform work lights.
  • Foldable platform aids in compact storage.
  • Enhance security with a key-type lock sliding door.
  • Implement an anti-collision system.
  • Opt for a top limit protection auto-stop device for added safety.

The Mantall XE-Mini Series Scissor Lift offers a comprehensive solution for accessing elevated work areas safely and efficiently. With its extensive range of standard and optional features, it is designed to cater to a variety of operational needs while ensuring productivity, operator security, and overall performance.

Fuel Type: Lead-acid Battery