XE-CT Series Scissor Lift

Introducing the Mantall XE-CT Series Scissor Lift: Engineered to provide efficient and reliable solutions for elevated work across diverse applications. This scissor lift features a range of standard and optional features designed to enhance usability and safety during operation.

Standard Features:

  • Equipped with a 0.9 x 1.84 meters platform for ample workspace.
  • Tilt alarm system ensures operator safety during use.
  • Fault diagnosis system aids in identifying potential issues.
  • Explosion-proof design for the oil tube enhances safety.
  • Automatic brake system for controlled operation.
  • Safety maintenance support bar enhances stability.
  • Hard rubber crawler (200 x 72) provides traction on various surfaces.
  • Hour meter tracks usage for maintenance planning.
  • External charging indicator for convenient battery management.
  • AC socket in the platform for powering tools or devices.
  • All motion alarm alerts nearby personnel during movement.
  • Fault code display for easy troubleshooting.
  • Flash light and buzzer for effective communication and signaling.
  • Proportional control for precise operation.
  • Emergency lower down feature for critical situations.
  • Manual brake release for manual operation.
  • Maintenance-free battery ensures consistent performance.

Optional Features:

  • Opt for a handheld fault diagnostic device for enhanced troubleshooting.
  • Equip an overload sensor for additional safety.

The Mantall XE-CT Series Scissor Lift offers a comprehensive solution for accessing elevated work areas safely and efficiently. With its range of standard and optional features, it is designed to cater to various operational needs while ensuring productivity and operator security.

Fuel Type: Lead-acid Battery

Models: XE60CT - XE80CT