XE-C/N/W/W-OR Series Scissor Lift

Introducing the Mantall XE-C/N/W/W-OR Series Scissor Lift: Engineered to provide efficient and reliable solutions for elevated work across diverse applications. This scissor lift series features a comprehensive range of standard and optional features designed to enhance usability, safety, and performance during operation.

Standard Features:

  • Manual emergency lower system for operator safety.
  • Multi-disc wet brakes ensure controlled stopping.
  • Manual brake release for manual operation.
  • Pothole protection enhances safety during use.
  • Non-marking tires for surface protection.
  • AC wiring to platform for powered tools and devices.
  • Tilt alarm alerts the operator to ensure stability.
  • Buzzer provides audible alerts during operation.
  • Hour meter tracks usage for maintenance planning.
  • Safety brackets enhance security during transport.
  • Charger indicator aids in battery management.
  • Forklift pockets for convenient transport.
  • Diagnostic system aids in identifying potential issues.
  • Extended platform for increased workspace.
  • Maintenance-free battery ensures consistent performance.
  • Platform Swing Gate for controlled access.
  • Dual flashing beacon enhances visibility.
  • Foldable platform for compact storage and transport.

Optional Features:

  • Opt for a motion alarm for added safety during movement.
  • Equip an airline to the platform for pneumatic tools.
  • Enhance functionality with a power socket to the platform.
  • Implement an overload sensor for additional safety.
  • Choose a horn for audible communication.
  • Opt for a platform work light for improved visibility.
  • Enhance safety with an anti-collision system.
  • Implement a top limit protection auto-stop device for security.

The Mantall XE-C/N/W/W-OR Series Scissor Lift offers a comprehensive solution for accessing elevated work areas safely and efficiently. With its extensive range of standard and optional features, it is designed to cater to a variety of operational needs while ensuring productivity, operator security, and overall performance.

Fuel Type: Lead-acid Battery

Models: XE-C/N/W/W-OR