Self Propelled Articulated Boom

Introducing the Mantall HZ200JRT Self-Propelled Articulated Boom: Designed to provide a versatile and efficient solution for accessing elevated work areas. The self-propelled articulated boom boasts a range of standard and optional features, enhancing usability and adaptability across diverse applications.

Standard Features:

  • Self-levelling platform for stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Hydraulic rotation platform for precise positioning.
  • Hall effect fully proportional controls for accurate operation.
  • Driving confirm function for safety during movement.
  • AC power supplied to the platform for additional functionality.
  • Horn to signal and communicate in noisy environments.
  • Hour meter for efficient usage tracking.
  • Tilt alarm for enhanced operator safety.
  • Positive traction drive for reliable traction.
  • Dual-speed motor for adaptable movement.
  • Emergency pump for contingency situations.
  • CAN intelligent control for efficient system management.
  • Overload limitation system for secure operation.
  • 360-degree non-continuous turntable rotation for flexible positioning.
  • Non-marking solid tires for surface protection.

Optional Features:

  • Opt for a swing axis for further maneuverability.
  • Equip a platform swing gate for controlled access.
  • Enhance leverage with a platform alternate leverage mechanism.
  • Choose welding pre-assembly for specific applications.
  • Integrate a welding line to the work platform for efficient tasks.
  • Implement an air line to the platform for pneumatic tools.
  • Enhance safety with anti-crash air packages.
  • Equip a tool tray for convenient equipment storage.
  • Enhance functionality with alarm packages.
  • Improve visibility with platform work lights.
  • Opt for hydraulic oil suitable for extremely cold areas.
  • Choose pipeline components adapted for extremely cold regions.

The Mantall HZ200JRT Self-Propelled Articulated Boom offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and safe access to elevated work areas. With its array of standard and optional features, it is designed to cater to a variety of needs while ensuring safety and productivity in elevated work environments.

Fuel Type: Diesel

Models: HZ180JRT - HZ200JRT - HZ260JRT