AMP Series Single Mast Platform

Introducing the Mantall AMP Series Single Mast Aerial Work Platform: Designed to elevate workers along with their essential tools to heights of up to 14 meters. The innovative lifting mast design ensures exceptional stability, enhancing safety and ease of operation. This single mast aerial work platform is meticulously engineered to be highly compact, enabling smooth passage through standard doorways and narrow spaces, even at heights of up to 12 meters, without the necessity of tilting the platform.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum platform basket for durability and lightness
  • Polyurethane non-marking tires for surface protection
  • Leverage Ro-Ro device for easy transportation
  • Lifting ears for efficient hoisting
  • Dual control system: operate from the platform or ground control station
  • Lower beeper warning for enhanced safety
  • Tilt Device (only for AMP40 model) for versatile positioning
  • Emergency lower down function for critical situations
  • Outrigger storage frame for convenience
  • Maintenance-free battery for continuous operation

Optional Features:

  • Choose from standard/narrow/wide platform configurations
  • Opt for a fiber glass platform for specific applications
  • Enhance functionality with a goods collection platform
  • Select a narrow/rough ground chassis for varying terrains
  • Opt for DC power for flexibility
  • Equip a tool box for efficient storage
  • Improve accuracy with a platform positioning laser light
  • Enhance visibility with a fluorescent tubes box
  • Enhance safety with a working flashing beacon
  • Implement top limit protection auto-stop device for added security
  • Protect equipment with an equipment protection cover

The Mantall AMP Series Single Mast Aerial Work Platform is designed to provide efficient and secure access to elevated work areas, catering to a range of operational needs. With its diverse range of standard and optional features, it offers a comprehensive solution for safe and productive working at heights.

Fuel Type: Lead-acid Battery

Models: AMP20 - AMP26 - AMP32 - AMP40