ALP Series Super Material Lift

Introducing the Mantall ALP Series Super Material Lift: Engineered to provide efficient and versatile material lifting solutions across various applications. This material lift offers a range of standard and optional features to enhance usability and adaptability, ensuring effective handling of materials.

Standard Features:

  • Incorporates a silent ratchet system for smooth operation.
  • Equipped with transportation wheels for easy mobility.
  • Roller wheels with brakes ensure controlled movement and stability.
  • Comes with standard forks for convenient load handling.
  • Telescopic mast design allows for versatile lifting heights.
  • Solid steel base ensures stability during operation.
  • Model-specific standard features apply to the ALP10 model.

Option Feature:

  • Opt for adjustable forks for enhanced versatility.
  • Choose flat forks for specific load handling needs.
  • Equip a boom attachment for specialized lifting requirements.
  • Opt for pipe cross forks for pipe handling applications.
  • Enhance functionality with a load platform for diverse materials.
  • Implement an anti-fall function for added safety.

The Mantall ALP Series Super Material Lift offers an efficient and reliable solution for lifting and transporting various materials. With its standard and optional features, it is designed to cater to a range of material handling needs while ensuring safety and productivity.

Fuel Type: Manual

Models: ALP-10 / ALP-15 / ALP-20 / ALP-25