K2 Series 4-5t

Introducing the Heli K2 Series 4-5t Forklift: a robust and versatile solution for precise material handling. With a lifting capacity ranging from 4 to 5 tons, this forklift excels across various heavy-duty tasks. Its advanced features and ergonomic design ensure efficient operation, while its sturdy construction is tailored to withstand the demands of industrial environments. Whether for substantial lifting or intricate manoeuvres, the K2 Series by Heli consistently delivers reliable performance, making it an indispensable asset for optimising productivity in diverse work settings.

Fuel Type: LPG & Diesel

Models: CPC40/CPCD40/CP(Q)YD40 - CPC45/CPCD45/CP(Q)YD45 - CPC50/CPCD50/CP(Q)YD50