Cliff Street

Location: Cliff Street, Fremnatle.
Type: Renovation
Date: July 13, 2017

Project Overview

With a heritage listing on this property the works have strict guidelines to be followed. We were blessed to have the privilege to repair and restore this beautiful late 1800’s building back to its former glory.

Monitoring pins were installed and view over a 12-month period thus determining the stability of the foundations prior to any works being determined.

With this process completed the works included for our client- crack stitching bar works to both internal and external walls and associated repairs. Removal of rusted lintels above openings and installing new ones. Repairs and refurnishing the external corbel moulding’s. Complete strip and rebuild of the upper-level sash windows to ensure they last another 100 years.

The sashes look new now after the repairs.  Other works included lime mortar repairs to the inner walls and reshaping of external ornate pieces. A truly justified heritage listing for this property in the heart of Fremantle.

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